About us

The company behind Muse Urban Suites Athens’ vision is United Intelligent Business Alliance (U.I.B.A).

It operates in the field of hospitality focusing on special aesthetics, innovative ideas, and unique people.

U.I.B.A. aims to establish itself in the tourism industry, by providing genuine hospitality and unforgettable experiences.

The Property

Buildings evolve through time and the Muse Urban Suites are no exception. From a flourishing family business for furniture restoration and antiques to a tourist destination memorabilia; the U.I.B.A. radically renovated it into a boutique hotel whilst emphasizing the building’s history.

Guests have the choice between 9 luxury suites, each inspired by a Muse. They share certain traits like comfort, relaxation and functionality; individually, each has a unique character that follows the traits of its respective Muse.

On the first floor, Polymnia, Erato, and Kalliopi overlook Hephaestus street and the beautiful shops of the busy market. Ourania and Melpomeni share a balcony at the back of the building.

On the second floor, Thalia, Klio, and Terpsichore overlook the sacred rock of the Acropolis while Efterpi has the privilege of enjoying the peace and privacy of its garden-balcony.

Their architecture and geometric harmony are their main features which have been designed by Art In Your Hand; a creative office consisting of graphic designers, decorators, and architects – producing custom design services, promotional materials, communication and exchange of art media (www.artinyourhand.com).

Each suite is a unique project with different colors, interior lighting, and decoration.

The Myth

The Nine Muses

The Nine Muses, patron goddesses of literature, science, and the arts in Greek Mythology, were sources of knowledge and inspiration for the Greeks, and later, the Romans.

They lived on Olympus and their parents were the God Zeus and the Titan Mnemosyne.

Originally these deities were nymphs of the mountain and the waters. They entertained the Olympian Gods at banquets, singing and playing musical instruments like the lyre.

In their songs, they always praised the Gods, especially Zeus.

They were beautiful, wise, and had a special love for music. They were not interested in human activities and dedicated themselves to the Fine Arts.

The God Apollo led their choir, which is why he was called Musagetis – the leader of the Muses.